GEORGIA Accountability Courts 

Funding Committee

cacj Staff directory
Taylor Jones
Executive Director
(o) (404) 463.1453
Josh Becker
Chief Certification Officer
[email protected]

(o) (404) 463.6298

Sacha Greene
Certification Officer
[email protected]

(o) (404) 463.1906

Rachel Gage
Certification Officer 
(o) (404) 463.3927
Lasheika Kassa
Treatment Support Fidelity Specialist 
[email protected]

(o) (404) 463.0043

Kimberly Howard
Operations Coordinator
(o) (404) 656.2613
Criminal Justice Coordinating council (cjcc): Grant Specialist
Kim Champion
DUI Courts and Juvenile Courts: A18-8-001 to A18-8-035
(o) (404) 657.2207
Ursula Kelley
Drug Courts: J18-8-15 to J18-8-050
(o) (404) 654.1768
Shanay Long
Drug Courts: J18-8-001 to J18-8-014
Mental Health Courts: J18-8-051 to J18-8-077
(o) (404) 654.1738
John McGahee
Family Treatment Courts: J18-8-078 tp J18-8-094
(o) (404) 657.2219
Mia Smith
Veterans Treatment Courts: J18-8-095 to J18-8-109
(o) (404) 654.5693