GEORGIA Accountability Courts 

Funding Committee

cacj Staff directory
Taylor Jones
Executive Director
(o) (404) 463.1453
Josh Becker
Assistant Director

(o) (404) 463.6298

Sacha Greene
Certification Officer II

(o) (404) 463.1906

Rachel Gage
Special Projects and Certification Officer 
(o) (404) 463.3927
Jeffrey Holiday 
Certification Officer 
(0) (404) 463 4808
Lasheika Kassa
Treatment Fidelity Program Manager

(o) (404) 463.0043

Kimberly Howard
Operations Administrator
(o) (404) 656.2613
Criminal Justice Coordinating council (cjcc): Grant Specialist
Shanay Long 
Adult Drug Courts: J20-8-001 through J20-8-014 and Mental Health Courts: 

J20-8-052 through J20-8-081, and J20-8-120, J20-8-121

(o) (404) 654.1738
Ursula Kelley
DUI Courts: A20-8-001 through A20-8-021 and Juvenile Courts A20-8-022 through A20-8-034 A20-8-001
(o) (404) 657.1956
Shameeka Hill 
Adult Drug Courts: J20-8-015 through J20-8-051
(o) (404) 654.1796
Michelle Taing
Veterans Treatment Courts: J20-8-082 through J20-8-098 and Family Drug Courts 

J20-8-099 through J20-8-119

(o) (404) 654.1811