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The Drug Court Judicial Benchbook brings evidence-based practices and best practices to the adult Drug Court field like never before.  After years of compiling and synthesizing the collective knowledge and wisdom of thousands of judges, attorneys, treatment providers, probation officers, law enforcement officers, and research scholars, The Drug Court Judicial Benchbook provides key guidelines that will help judges improve client outcomes and increase cost. 
Maintaining Judicial Independence in Drug Court
By: Chief Judge Jeffrey Bagley - Drug Courts, how they work and why?
 Competency Phase Change Examples 
Sample forms
Sample Forms through CACJ Listserv
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NEW - DDS Order for O.C.G.A. 40-5-76 (a) & (b)
PDF - Sample                       Word.doc
40-5-76 (a)                            40-5-76 (a)
40-5-76 (b)                            40-5-76 (b)
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Sample Policy and Procedure Handbook: Felony Drug Court
This manual is a work in progress.  It is for courts to be able to use as a guideline for their manuals. The contents of this manual is a collaboration from other felony courts manuals, the "Standards for Accountability Courts", and various findings from the web on accountability courts.  This is a Felony Drug Court Sample;  however, some of the content found can be applied to other courts.  Any and all input to make this manual better is welcome.  Again, this manual is not a requirement for courts to use, but is only suggestion.