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Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Training Dates:January 13-16, 2020

Location: Macon, Georgia   

Registration has ended. 

Training Description:

Correctional Counseling Incorporated (CCI) will train and certify counseling staff in utilizing the cognitive restructuring method of Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT™).  CCI is the sole-source provider of MRT training, materials, and facilitator certification.  All staff completing the basic MRT training will receive a certificate of completion from CCI authorizing them to facilitate MRT groups.  

Who Should Attend: Treatment Providers

This training is being offered to a limited number of attendees.. The training also offers CEU's and attendees must attend all four days to obtain certification to facilitate the curriculum and receive a certificate of attendance. 

Please note this training is only for treatment providers that have not received  prior MRT Certification. . 

Breakfast and lunch are provided for attendees. Overnight accommodations for attendees traveling 50 miles or more (one way) from the training venue  are also provided. Mileage and non provided meals are reimbursable through the CACJ Grant/SER process according to the State of Georgia travel policy. 

How To Register: 

Program Coordinators should download the "certified training MOU" document below. Review the document with the proposed registered attendee and obtain all signatures required.  Once the MOU is signed with all required signatures, court coordinators may register the attendee with the red registration button.  Once registration closes a training attendance confirmation email will be sent to coordinators to forward to their registered team members. 

Please note that registering a team member for a training does NOT guarantee training attendance.

There are a limited number of training slots available.

Registration will not be considered unless the certified training MOU is completed and submitted with the registration submission. In an effort to reduce duplicate registration submissions, please only submit the completed MOU with a  registration submission. 

Registration will close November 15, 2019. Court Coordinators and attendees will receive notice of attendance confirmations no later than November 22, 2019. 

Click here for CACJ Certified Training MOU  for MRT

If you have questions about training registration, please contact Kimberly Howard.