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Judge Stephen S. Goss Mental Health Award

In memory of the late Judge Stephen S. Goss, the Council of Accountability Court Judges has created an award to honor his life and legacy as a nationally recognized expert on mental health.

One mental health court team member will receive this award and be recognized across the state for outstanding contributions in the field. Criteria for nominees include, but are not limited to: 

1) must have worked with the mental health court for at least three years 

2) their efforts have had a far-reaching impact and demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of the participants 

3) they’ve assisted with raising awareness about mental health and the mental health court in the community.

Complete details about the Inaugural Judge Stephen S. Goss Mental Health Award. 

In 500 words or less, please tell us why you believe your nominee should be the first recipient of the 2020 Judge Stephen S. Goss Mental Health Award. Please also share details of any particular event or occurrence where this team member exhibited extraordinary conduct.


Ready to submit your nomination?  Please submit your nominations HERE

Have Questions?  Please contact Ms. Sacha Greene, CACJ Certification Officer, HERE

Nominations will close on August 14, 2020.