GEORGIA Accountability Courts 

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Click here for a PDF link to the FY'21 Training Calendar. 

Please note the following information:

  • Accountability Court Coordinators are primary contact for each training. Coordinators will receive all registration announcements. They will be responsible for registering team members to training, coordinating lodging reservations (if applicable to court), taking care of travel reimbursements, and providing detailed training instructions to the registered attendee.

  • Registration announcements will typically be released two months prior to the training date via the CACJ mail chimp list. Once announced, the registration link will be posted on the CACJ website. Registration dates and registration links are available on the FY20 Training Registration web page. 

Please note the FY21 Training Calendar courses and locations are subject to change. 

Training Details and Descriptions

New Coordinator Orientation Training 

This training is specific to new Coordinators. Training will include information on CACJ, team member roles & responsibilities, fiscal and program reporting. 

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse 

This training is specific to treatment providers. The three day workshop will teach Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse (CBI-SA) curriculum is designed for individuals that are moderate to high need in the area of substance abuse and well suited for criminal justice populations. This training is also open to juvenile drug and juvenile mental health programs.  The CACJ Training Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required to attend this training. There are a limited number of training slots for this training. 

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse Booster

This training is specific to treatment providers. The one day workshop will enhance and refresh the facilitator's Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse (CBI-SA) skills.  The CACJ Training Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required to attend this training and a copy of the attendee's CBI- SA certificate. There are a limited number of slots to attend this training. 

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Booster   

This training is specific to treatment providers currently certified to facilitate MRT groups. The two day training will enhances the skills of  MRT certified treatment providers.  At the end of training attendees should be able to enhance their basic group facilitation skills and effectively evaluate and critique the MRT group process. 

The CACJ Training Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a copy of the attendee's MRT facilitator's certificate is required to attend this training. CACJ Staff does not have access to the MRT facilitator's certificate. 

Moral Reconation Therapy(MRT) Facilitator Training

This training is specific to treatment providers. The training consists of four days of instruction (approximately 32 hours) to learn the MRT curriculum and the use of MRT with “treatment resistant” clients.  The Intensive training  uses lectures, discussions, and experiential exercises to explore the dynamics and basic personality traits of clients. Includes presentation of the outcome research on MRT effectiveness and a demonstration and explanation of the MRT method (primary characteristics, evolution, and application) as a cognitive-behavioral treatment. The training includes up to four hours of additional “homework” that prepares trainees to facilitate MRT group counseling. The CACJ Training Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required to attend this training. 

Accountability Court Winter Forum

This one day training is open to accountability court coordinators, directors, and judges. A variety of topics will be discussed.  There are a limited number of seats available to attend this session. 

Mental Health Court Refresher 

Courts must be operational for at least three (3) years, have not received a refresher training from CACJ within the last three years (2016).

Court coordinators must complete a training acknowledgement to attend the training at time of registration.  CACJ must have commitment from all essential team members listed on the training acknowledgement form to attend. 

Evidence Based Curriculum Training

All evidence based curriculum training have limited space and the space is reserved exclusively for treatment providers. 

Treatment providers must provide direct services to your program participants and conduct the evidence based group sessions. Court Coordinators must submit an MOU to CACJ at the time of registering with the signature of the Treatment Provider, Coordinator and Judge. 

The MOU document will be released with the training registration announcement.

Per the FY21  CACJ Training MOU and FY21 CACJ Accountability Court Grant special conditions, the court shall implement the evidence-based treatment within 60 days of the training attendee achieving certification and be subject to CACJ Treatment Fidelity Monitoring.

Accountability Court Coordinator Certificate Program 

The Coordinator Certificate Program aims to increase knowledge of the primary administrative functions of accountability court coordinators, develop the skills necessary to carry out the administrative functions as an accountability court coordinator, develop and maintain the high standards for the functioning of the accountability courts, and increase the professionalism of accountability court coordinators. The mandatory program is organized into eight courses for a total of 45 hours of face-to-face and online instruction. Coordinators and program directors are allowed a maximum of three years to complete the program. Course registration is coordinated by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government (CVIOG). Face to Face courses are listed on the training calendar and are limited to 30 attendees.

If you should have any questions please contact Kimberly Howard