GEORGIA Accountability Courts 

Funding Committee

New Judges Orientation 

Training Dates: August 11-12, 2020

Location: Virtual Training 

Training Description:

The Council of Accountability Court Judges provides training for new accountability court judges.

Due to COVID - 19, the 2-day training will be hosted online, using an interactive virtual classroom. 

The training is open to Judges who will be presiding over an accountability court (drug, mental health, juvenile drug/mental health, DUI, veteran’s treatment, or family treatment) for the first time in FYFY20 - FY21  or may have less than three years of experience presiding over an accountability court. 

The event will be an introductory training and include sessions about accountability court operations, best practices, and Council structure.  

The CACJ Rules, effective 7/1/20, require that all new judges attend the next available new judge orientation - CACJ Rules, Article 10, Section II(C).

Registration for the training opens May 22, 2020.

Registration will close on July 24, 2020.

Once attendee registration details are confirmed the classroom materials and link to participate in the training will be provided to the attendee. 

Who Can Register:

New accountability court judges presiding over the following  state funded & certified accountability court programs. 

  • Adult Felony Drug Court 
  • Mental Health Court 
  • Veterans Treatment Court 
  • DUI Court 
  • Family Treatment Court 
  • Juvenile Drug Court 
  • Juvenile Mental Health Court

How To Register: 

Attendees should register using the registration button on the right side of the page. 

For additional information please contact Kimberly Howard.