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FY 2019 Accountability Courts Statewide Report

Posted on March 5, 2020 at 9:20 AM

The Council of Accountability Court Judges is pleased to share the FY 2019 Accountability Courts Statewide Report. 

In FY 2019, accountability court programs added and retained more participants than in any previous year. Frequent drug testing helped participants maintain sobriety. Though new participants frequently failed drug tests, they became more likely to pass drug tests as they advanced through program phases. Nearly half of all accountability court participants were unemployed when they entered the program, but they were much more likely to find employment after becoming active in an accountability court program. Program graduates were particularly successful in finding jobs. Children of participants benefitted by reuniting with their parents, and at-risk mothers successfully gave birth to drug-free babies.

The complete statewide report can be accessed here:

For specific questions about the Accountability Courts Statewide Report please contact Ms. Rachel Gage, Special Projects and Certification Officer.

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