Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia

GEORGIA Accountability Courts 

Funding Committee

cacj Staff directory
Taylor Jones
Executive Director
(o) (404) 463.1453
Josh Becker
Chief Certification Officer

(o) (404) 463.6298

Sacha Greene
Certification Officer

(o) (404) 463.1906

 Rachel Gage
Certification Officer 
(o) (404) 463.3927
Lasheika Kassa
Treatment Support Fidelity Specialist

(o) (404) 463.0043

Kimberly Howard
Operations Coordinator
(o) (404) 656.2613
Criminal Justice Coordinating council (cjcc): Grant Specialist
Kim Champion
DUI Courts and Juvenile Courts: A18-8-001 to A18-8-035
(o) (404) 657.2207
Jemale Davis
Drug Courts: J18-8-15 to J18-8-050
(o) (404) 654.1768
Shanay Long
Drug Courts: J18-8-001 to J18-8-014
Mental Health Courts: J18-8-051 to J18-8-077
(o) (404) 654.1738
John McGahee
Family Treatment Courts: J18-8-078 tp J18-8-094
(o) (404) 657.2219
Mia Smith
Veterans Treatment Courts: J18-8-095 to J18-8-109
(o) (404) 654.5693